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Our Mission

Working with educators to bring BC's agriculture to our students

Why Agriculture?

Learning about agriculture is more than learning about food. It is about people and learning how these people work with the environment to provide our everyday needs. It is about custom, and science, and the natural world. Agriculture is a tool for learning that can lead to a lifetime of informed choices.

Who Are We?

BC's award winning Agriculture in the Classroom program operates as a non-profit foundation dedicated to taking teachers and their students beyond the classroom and into the exciting world of agriculture.

Benefits for Teachers

Topics related to agriculture and food can be found in many subjects and grade levels of the BC curriculum. By providing access to the many programs, resources and professional development activities provided by AITC, teachers can themselves become knowledgeable of today's modern agriculture and feel confident in presenting it to their students.

Benefits to Students

Today's students are consumers and will be the decision-makers of tomorrow. Having them ask questions about the products they are using will open their minds to their communities, their countries and to the world. If they are aware that their purchases and actions can make a difference to local and global economies, environments and quality of life then they will make better decisions concerning agriculture.

Benefits to Agriculture

To ensure the future of BC's agriculture those involved must encourage young people to become a part of the system that is so rich in opportunity.

A strong Agriculture in the Classroom program can reach BC's 36,000 teachers and 600.00 students. These consumers and future workforce members must receive a positive agricultural message if they are to make wise decisions concerning the well being of agriculture or the future career opportunities that agriculture has to offer.

We've done the Groundwork

  • Outstanding Teacher Resources AITC's resource centre provides teachers with high quality print and video resources. With titles such as Grow BC, Feeding Frenzy, All About food and Beans and Their Buddies teachers from all grades are encouraged to bring AITC resources into their classroom.
  • Growing Places Mailed directly to all public and private schools in the province the bulletin Growing Places outlines available resource and programs offered by AITC.
  • Web Site Teachers, students, producers, fair organizers and farm tour operators find exciting and useful materials on AITC's site.
  • Summer Institute for Educations Each August, 20 keen teachers from around the province enjoy a one week intensive program of agriculture education. Participants are fully sponsored by BC's agriculture community.
  • Workshops and Displays AITC offers workshops for teachers based on the AITC materials and programs. AITC is also an invited part of teacher conferences offering a display booth or presentations on specific topics.
  • Tips for Tours and Tips for Fairs AITC is known for helping producers and fair organizers with their tours and educational displays through the Tips series.
  • Agricultural Science Fair Awards AITC supports 13 regional science fair awards through the Science Fair Foundation of BC.

Opportunity for Partnership

  • Participate in the Annual Giving Program
  • Sponsor a resource, event or workshop
  • Sponsor the web site or the bulletin Growing Places
  • Become a member
  • Volunteer in your local classrooms
  • Leave a legacy

To make a charitable gift or to get involved in the exciting opportunity please contact us.

Together we can make a difference for agriculture.