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Executive Director

Pat Tonn, B.H.Ec., B.Ed.

Pat Tonn is the Executive Director for the BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation.

Pat has over 20 years of work experience in Youth Development Programs with the BC Ministry of Agriculture, with over 10 years as a manager in the Sector Development team. As Manager, Youth Development Programs she has been a part of a long term partnership with the BC 4-H program particularly focused on the growth and development of youth leadership, and promoting career opportunities and awareness of the BC agriculture industry. During her work time with the Ministry of Agriculture Pat was a member of the BCAITC Board of Directors. She brings additional experience within the BC's education system as a secondary school teacher and holds both a Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Home Economics degree from the University of British Columbia.

"Many students are generations away from the land and understanding the value of agriculture. It is my passion to work with Educators and our Partners to share the agriculture story from the farm to our table. The Board of Directors and staff of the BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation are committed to build awareness about BC agriculture through programs, projects and resources. Thanks to Farmers, Growers and Ranchers we can bring the bounty of BC to the classroom. We are excited to cultivate and grow the work of this remarkable BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation."


Education Specialist

Karen J. Myskiw, B.H.Ec., B. Land Arch, B. Ed.

Karen has an extensive background as an educator and landscape designer, fostering concerns of sustainability, food security, local eating and wellness with a variety of municipalities, school communities and NGO’s. She has collaborated with education stakeholders to plan and implement kitchen and ethnobotanical gardens, as well as worked closely with educators as an artist in residences locally and internationally, building on the tenants of inquiry based education and hands on learning. Karen brings her creativity and passion for the land, genius loci, and community building to AITC in the hopes of inspiring others to celebrate the bounty that BC Agriculture has to offer, and to support educators towards that end. She has a bachelor of Human Ecology from University of Manitoba, and degrees in Landscape Architecture and Education from UBC.

“I am thrilled to work with BCAITC to expand its programs and resources, and am deeply committed to showcasing the importance of agriculture to sustaining our wellbeing, and stewarding the land.”

Communications Coordinator

Emma Sweeney

Emma joins AITC with a background in Communications. She runs the Foundation's communications and social media, telling the story of AITC and its many programs. Having grown up in the Fraser Valley on a hobby farm with fresh food grown right in her backyard, Emma has always had an appreciation of where her food comes from, and wants to see other children have the same experiences.

"I want everyone to know and understand the story of our food in BC and the people who grow it. With the growth of social media, there are so many new ways we can tell that story. It's my goal to spread our message, and the greater story of BC's agriculture to as many as possible."

IT & Infrastructure Manager

Laura McKenzie

Laura joined AITC in 2008, after having spent a decade running health and awareness programs at the YMCA.  One of her key priorities centred around childhood obesity issues.  She was a natural fit for BC AITC.  Since joining us, Laura has become the driving force behind building the data systems and user interface infrastructure needed to run the ever-expanding list of programs we offer.  With an Associate Certificate in Database Administration and Design, as well as the Associate Certificate in Web Development from BCIT under her belt, she is concentrating on managing various projects in the office.

“Our programs are reaching over 1,450 schools in BC.  It is crucial that we have user-friendly interfaces to enable our hard-working schools easy access to us over the Web.   I'm helping to expand our reach and modernize our systems so that we may continue to grow and enhance agricultural education."

Program/Office Coordinator

Glenda Johnston

Glenda joined BCAITC in July 2013 bringing with her a strong administrative background, specializing in customer service within the food industry. Being customer driven, Glenda's desire is to provide high quality programs and to bring the freshest products of BC to our students.

"As a mother of three, the challenge of healthy eating for our children comes from many different influences; schools being one of the most inflluential. To have schools support BCAITC programs, encourages healthy eating as well as helps students make better food choices.  Bringing our students together with the growers and distributors of fresh BC products is a win-win situation and one to which I look forward to being a successful part of."

Program Coordinator

Carla McBeth

Carla has joined the AITC team with an extensive background in sales and customer service.  Her experience includes working for both large corporate and small family businesses, enabling her to develop strong communication skills with various levels of personnel. Carla feels strongly about continuous interaction between supplier and consumer resulting in positive long standing relationships.

“I’m thrilled and extremely proud to be a part of an organization that works on the betterment of children’s health. I have two children of my own who have both participated in the BC School Fruit and Vegetable Nutritional program. They are young citizens who understand the importance of nutritious eating and the essential role fruits and vegetables have on their well-being as future adults. As a mother and member of this foundation, I feel a social responsibility to assist in the education of our younger generation.”

Program Coordinator

Paul Boudreau

Paul joins BCAITC with a combined background in Customer Service, and Administration. He sees BCAITC as a perfect fit since he has a lifelong desire to be part of making a difference in peoples' lives. Paul believes the education and delivery of fruit and vegetable programs in the schools is important to the future health of our children. He is an avid outdoorsman, enjoys hiking, kayaking, and some vegetable gardening of his own. Paul is also a bit of a self proclaimed musician; he loves to learn and play all kinds of stringed instruments.

"Having three teenagers of my own is evidence enough that agricultural programs need to be an everyday part of the schools' programs.  I am excited to be a part of making that happen.  This foundation, in my opinion, is vital in the delivery of awareness in farming and healthy eating for the children in schools now and in the future."

Program Assistant

Jody Fraser

Jody has worked over twenty five years with the Abbotsford Police Department, most recently as the Court Liaison. She is known for her attention to detail, multi-tasking skills, problem solving ability and her pleasant personality. Her work has ranged from administration to business writing, conflict resolution as well as records management. Jody has  been very involved in community volunteering from our own Spuds in Tubs packing day and the BC Summer Games to fundraising for the Hospital Auxiliary and the Abbotsford Police run. She enjoys fitness, biking and gardening.

"I am so thrilled to be involved in BC Agriculture in the Classroom. I feel it is so important to educate our students on a healthy lifestyle, starting with feeding ourselves."