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Farm Tours and Tour Listing (see map below)

A farm tour provides the opportunity to raise awareness of the role of agriculture and food production in our daily lives.

Agriculture is a business that affects all of us within our communities. During the course of a tour students can begin to understand the multifaceted role of a farmer-in the stewardship of the land and the farm, in the care and well being of the livestock, in the machinery and technology and in the interactive role with the community.

Many farms throughout BC offer tours of their facilities. To find a tour near you, locate your region on the map, then choose that region from the pull-down menu at the top of the page, under Farm Tours.

BC farm tours map


Tips for Tours Documents

Agriculture in the Classroom has created the following resources Tips for Tours for both producer and teacher. It is a comprehensive guide that will help everyone enjoy a successful farm tour.

The guides cover such topics as choosing a farm, communication with teachers, farm and foods safety, activities for, during and after the visit as well as relevant curriculum connections for the various grade levels.

Dairy Tips for Tours

Dairy Farm Tips for Tours - Teachers

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Dairy Farm Tips for Tours - Producers

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Ranch Tips for Tours

Ranch Tips for Tours - Teachers

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Ranch Tips for Tours - Producers

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