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      Date: Jan 22, 2018
     Title: On Point with Pat - January 2018

Thanks to all of the teachers and students who report so many positive experiences with BC Agriculture in the Classroom Programs! It inspires us to continue to bring BC's Agriculture to our students. Here’s what we heard in 2017:



Planting a Promise

“Everyone has been raving about the daffodils: students, staff and people from the community. They are truly spectacular.” — Janet Bourchier, Webster Elementary, Trail

Spuds in Tubs

“Once again, Spuds was an amazing experience for our students that filled them with wonder, excitement and laid the foundation for deep learning to occur in an authentic environment.” —Mika Livingston, Donald E. McKay Elementary, Richmond BC

Take a Bite of BC

"I have NEVER had classes so interested in being creative with what Take a Bite delivers. This has given me the chance to link class theory with the reality of where local foods come from and the people who do the work to get it here." —Chef Regan, Sir Charles Tupper Secondary, Vancouver

"The farmers are creating a great quality product and we are so grateful for these people for supporting our programs. It makes me proud to live in BC." —Chef Roodenrys, Semiahmoo, White Rock

Pencil Patch – Garden for Learning

"I learned that planting is harder than it looks, because most people think you just have to water it. You actually have to check on it and tend to it by feeding it with water and fertilizer, and making sure it gets enough sunlight." – Josh, grade 5 student

"My dream is to try to spread what I have learned from all of you (at BC Agriculture in the Classroom) to the rest of my students in the school." – Karla Stroet, Terry Fox Elementary, Abbotsford

BC School Fruit and Vegetable Nutritional Program

“The tomatoes were like eating candy many students said. So firm and bright orange.  Sweet, Sweet. Sweet." – Wendy Person, Martha Currie Elementary, Surrey

"These (peppers) were very yummy, fresh, and flavourful. It's great to see kids eating peppers like apples." – Angela Forster, Seaview Elementary, Lantzville

“We personally love this program! Please continue this program in the future as it's a healthy little snack that makes our students happy!” — Brodie, Cayden and Teo (students), Ecole Cleveland Elementary, North Vancouver


"The kids love to see milk coming into their classrooms. You will hear Milk! Milk! Milk! as you walk into the class.” —Nancy McCormick, Kent Elementary, Agassiz

Fresh to You Fundraiser

“What a successful fundraiser for us. Not only was it a great return financially for the school, but knowing these are BC products and ones we all need and love makes 'selling' a no brainer. Thank you!” — Jennifer Lindberg, Lord Selkirk Elementary, Vancouver