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BC's Agriculture

For a comprehensive overview of BC's agriculture, click the links below.

Note: Grow BC has moved!  Click here for the new link.

Agriculture and Food

1) Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


Information pertaining to the environment, economics, food safety, food quality, markets and trade and much more.

Food Safety

1) BC Centre for Disease Control - Food Protection


Food safety notes on fish, meat, milk and more.

2) Canadian Partnership for Food Safety Education


Provides information and tips on safe food handling practices as well as educational information for students and teachers.

3) Food Safety Network


Provides information on food safety concerns for day-to-day living. Also includes a section for Students and Educators.

Nutrition and Health

1) BC Dairy Association


Numerous nutrition education programs and resources are available to teachers throughout BC.  Designed and delivered by registered dieticians, the programs and materials bring Canada's Food Guide and healthy eating alive in classrooms.

2) BC Health Guide - Healthy Eating for Children


Ways to help your child eat well.

3) Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating


Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating is designed to help Canadians make wise food choices. The Food Guide translates the science of healthy eating into a practical pattern of food choices that meets nutrient needs, promotes health and minimizes the risk of nutrition-related chronic diseases.

4) Canadian Food Trends to 2020


A study that looks ahead at Canadian food and beverage consumption to the year 2020.

5) DASH-BC (the Directorate of Agencies for School Health, British Columbia).


Great information on school health in BC, as well as other nutrition programs and initiatives.

6) HealthLink BC Dietitian Service


Offers a nutrition hotline service that provides free and reliable nutrition information.

7) Dietitians of Canada


This site contains several useful sections, some of which include: find a dietitian in your area, EATracker, FAQ on nutrition and lots of other great nutrition resources.

8) Dole


The good folks at Dole have made some wonderful materials available for classroom teachers. Be sure to check out the following page and send for their free materials. Lots more great stuff is available on their website.

9) Five to Ten a Day Campaign


This website is a collaboration of the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Canadian Cancer Society and the Canadian Produce Marketing Association. The goal is to encourage Canadians to consume more fruits and vegetables. A good source of information on the health benefits of fruits and vegetables.

10) Health Canada Site - Nutrition and Healthy Eating


Includes information pertaining to Healthy Eating, Educators and Professionals, Prenatal Nutrition, Healthy Children, Infant Feeding, Nutrient Data and Nutrition Policy Reports.

11) Healthy Buddies - Go Move! Go Fuel! Go Feel Good!


This program empowers elementary school children to live healthier lives by providing them with knowledge about, as well as encouraging positive attitudes toward, the three components of health: physical activity, healthy eating and feeling good about yourself.

12) Heart and Stroke Foundation


Check the news/media room and report cards on health and research.

13) Sun-Rype


Links include Health Check, Apple Wise, Healthy Hearts and Brain Power.

14) Washington State University - Nutrition Education


The site has links on Food Sense, Nutrition Education Network, Diabetes Awareness and Education and Farmers Market Nutrition Program. Also look at Eat Better, Eat Together.