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Fields for your Future


All secondary school career advisors in BC have received a Fields For Your Future: Careers in Agriculture package. This package included a narrative CD, a poster and 4 different informative brochures. Please see our Resource Form to order additional copies.

Donna Dean, Land Use Planner

Lori Baratta, Greenhouse Technician

Nelson Aster, Fish Farm Technician

Rick Thiessen, Farm Manager

Lorelee Friesen, Sales Agronomist

Tanya Rutherford, Food Product Technologist


































































Profiles of Today's Farmers

Farming is a not only a business, but a way of life. Every day farmers on Vancouver Island and throughout the Lower Mainland are working to produce the foods we enjoy.

Today's farmers are from of a multitude of races, ages, and backgrounds. To keep up with this dynamic industry they must be highly educated and passionate about their work.

The following is a list of 15 (not necessarily typical) farmers and their families. The profiles take a close look at their history and their future.

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