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Spuds in Tubs Program

Although many teachers would be enthusiastic to use a vegetable garden as a teaching tool for science, social studies, language arts, and healthy living, working with in-ground school gardens can be a daunting task!  As a solution, BCAITC has developed a program called Spuds in Tubs - Potato Tub Gardens for Schools Across BC.

All schools enrolled in the program receive all the necessary materials and instructions to grow their very own potatoes. They start by planting the seed potatoes in tubs of soil and tend them until they are ready to be harvested. Workshop demonstrations are also offered to teachers who are interested in the program, so they will be able to use their hands-on learning and bring back a contagious enthusiasm for growing potatoes to their students.

Program in Action

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“I can’t tell you how much the 23 kids in my class are loving this project! I think we’ve created some future gardeners (and hopefully some farmers)”— Liz Blair, Fort Langley Elementary


High School Soil Contamination Experiment conducted at West Vancouver Secondary

We used the potatoes for an experiment in soil contamination and phytoremediation.  We doped the spuds with lead nitrate and tried to see how soil ph affected uptake in different parts of the plant. I took pictures of the different test conditions for the spuds.  (Here is) one of the lead/lime treatment. Thanks for this opportunity.  It has created some great questions for the kids, and has helps us to get linked up with some great programs.

-Gord Trousdell, West Vancouver Secondary, W. Vancouver


Potato Progress at Richmond Christian Middle School

Warba Seed Potatoes were planted on March 13th in the classroom at Richmond Christian Middle School. The potato plants stay in the classroom until maturation allows for them to continue growing in the natural elements. After 25 days these plants are ready to be moved outside. Mr. Reimer’s class is experimenting with two types of soil to see which soil produces the biggest harvest. Grade 7 students continue to document and observe their new potato plants and are looking forward to their harvest in mid to late June 2015.