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BC AITC Professional Development

UBC Credit Course

Summer Institute: EDCP 329 96A - Agriculture in the Curriculum

Since 1997, the BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation has partnered with UBC’s Faculty of Education’s office of External programs to deliver a Summer Institute: a third year level course in curriculum design. Participants are educators from a variety of primary, intermediate, and secondary disciplines and from many regions of the province. This course is open to any teacher interested in bringing agricultural awareness, sustainability, understanding of the food system, and integration of food and agricultural literacy into their classrooms.

Through active participation, field trips, guest speakers, video presentations, and the like, participants expand their knowledge of agriculture and food concepts and issues, and reflect on their own values and orientations to the topic. As a result of visits to local farms and through intensive classroom work, participants are expected to develop a unit drawn from the agricultural, environmental, economic and nutritional concepts featured in the provincial IRP’s to share with other educators around the province.

Registration is through UBC.

Watch the program in action!

Summer Institute 2017 - Wisby Farms