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Recipes ~ by product

Below is a selection of recipes for each product involved in the Take a Bite of BC program.
Bon appetit! We would love to hear from you. Send us your recipe creations to share on this page. Please send to emma@aitc.ca

Beef - Beef Chili Soup

Beets - Beet Chips with French Onion Dip, Beet Slushie

Bell Peppers - Chicken Thai Soup

Blueberries - Fruit Muffins, Fresh BC Berry Crepes with Vanilla Cream, Creme Brulee

Brussels Sprouts - Brussels Sprouts with Smoked Gouda Cheese, Smoky Brussels Sprouts

Cabbage Mix - Chili Ginger Rice Noodle Salad, Sauerkraut

Canola Oil - Orange Chicken Stir-Fry, Spray Salad Dressings, Non-Spray Salad Dressings, The Science of Mayonnaise

Carrots - Kashmiri Carrot Soup

Chicken - Wicked Thai Soup, Grilled Chicken Clubhouse Sandwich, Orange Chicken Stir-Fry, Thai Chicken and Galangal Soup, Chicken Stock, Chicken Minestrone

Cole Crops - Cauliflower Sweet Potato Soup, Green Curry with BC Turkey and BC Nugget Potatoes

Cranberries - Rocky Mountain Cafe Muffins, Rice and Cranberry Soup

Cream - Blueberry Shortcake with Lemon Curd Fresh Whipped Cream

Cucumber - Local Cucumber-Lime and Jalapeno Pops

Eggs - Breakfast Burrito with Yukon Gold Potatoes and Fresh Fruit, Eggplant Marinara

Eggplant - Eggplant Marinara, Moussaka with Eggplant

Endive - Braised Endive

Frozen Vegetable Mix - Barley and Corn Risotto, Orange Chicken Stir-Fry

Greenhouse Vegetable Mix - Roasted Tomato Soup, Curried Bechamel Veg Pasta

Milk & Cheese - Brussels Sprouts with Smoked Gouda Cheese, Smoky Brussels Sprouts, BC Artisan Cheeses, Curried Bechamel Veg Pasta

Mushrooms - Cod Fillet with Tomato Herb Sauce, Chicken Thai Soup, Veggie Mushroom Burger

Parsnips - Parsnip Variations

Pear - BC Pear and Brie Cheese Panini with Roasted Tomato Mayonnaise

Pork - Paella

Root Vegetables - Parsnip Cake, Root Veg Bake, Best Ever Turnip Casserole, Turnip vs Rutabaga, Squash and Root Vegetables Salad

Squash - Spiced Squash Doughnuts, Curry Squash Soup

Turkey - Black Bean Chili, Green Curry with BC Turkey and BC Nugget Potatoes


"How To" Videos

Filletting a salmon - submitted by Burnaby Central Secondary School


Take a Bite of BC Resources

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