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Intermediate/Middle Resources

The following Unit and Lesson Plans, were created by BC educators using provincial ILOs and PLOs. Educators can use them to enhance their health, food and agriculture curricula.

Curricular Links with Suggestions

Examples of where the new Science Curriculum (7-9) lends itself to incorporating Agriculture into your classroom. These Content pieces can be paired with any number of Curricular Competencies to create engaging lessons/activities/projects to satisfy course requirements.

Curricular links with suggestions (7-9)

Lessons and Activities

Plant Something Bee Friendly

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In this lesson students learn about some of the threats to bee populations, as well as ways in which they can help support bees through planting bee-friendly plants.  Suitable for Food Studies 7/8/9, Science 6/7/9 and Social Studies 6.

Teacher Unit Plans

Agriculture: The Foundation of Civilization (Grades K-7) Click to download

Go Bananas! Food Choice Matters; Global Versus Local Foods (Grades 6-8) Click to download

Integrating Dance and Agriculture (Grades K-7) Click to download

Pizza and Agriculture in the Classroom (Grades 6-8) Click to download

Water: The Source of Life (Grades 4-5) Click to download

What's Your Food Story?(Grades 6-8) Click to download

A Slice of Soil (Grades 5-8) Learning Outcomes and Instructions and Fractions - Slice of Soil Worksheet PDF and Percent - Slice of Soil Worksheet PDF



Agricultural Timeline (Canadian agricultural and settlement events) Click here to download

Complex Digestive Systems Click here to download Ruminant Animal Write-up

Click here for Digestive system of a chicken or a Digestive system of pig

Snack Pack (A comprehensive list of fruit and vegetable related books, and websites) Click to download

What Does it Take to Produce Food? (Grades 5-6) Click here to download


Additional Resource Packages and Activities

The following resource packages and educational materials were created by BC Government agencies and the BC Agricultural Sector for BC educators to enhance their health, food and agriculture curricula.

NEW! Pencil Patch School Garden Resource

Butter Churns

Butter Churns and Stern Wheelers (45 pages)

Designed to meet learning outcomes in social studies, science and language arts this resource is based on a farm boy's adventures in 19th century BC. Focused in the Lower Mainland, the readings, exercises and activities will allow students to develop their critical thinking skills, extend their understanding of local history and relate their life experiences to events in the story. Timeline of BC-pre 1900 available with order. Click to download
CD Cover

Close to Home: A BC AITC Musical Adventure

You and your students can now enjoy songs in your classroom. Themes include healthy eating, taking care of the environment, shopping close to home, and sharing the harvest. Band tracks also available. Available in both French and English. Click here to order
Corn and Black Bean Salsa Map

Corn and Black Bean Salsa Map (Grades 4-9 Home Economics or Social Studies)

How Far Did Your Corn and Bean Salsa Travel? Use the recipe included to make an easy and delicious Salsa and then find out just how far those ingredient travelled to get to your classroom. Also available in class sets.


Brought to you in partnership with our friends at Agriculture and AgriFood Canada, The Vancouver International Children’s Festival and Project CHEF. Click here to order
Click here to download


Food For Thought

Food for Thought

(Grades 5-7, Teacher Guide and DVD, Science and Social Studies)

Agriculture and Sustainability in the Lower Mainland - This module was created to help students explore agriculture and sustainability in the Lower Mainland, as well as the relationship between agriculture, the environment and society. Click here to order


Salmon, the Environment and Society

(Grades 5 - 8)

An Education Module on Salmon Aquaculture in BC. This module was created as a joint project between the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands and BC AITC. This module is designed to help students explore the many roles of aquaculture in BC including Salmon farming and the relationship between salmon, the environment and society.
Click here to download Teacher Guide
Click here to download Student Worksheet
All about food

All About Food: Exploring Canada's Food System

(Grades K-12)

A full colour pictorial booklet that captures the interesting, surprising and useful facts about the Canadian agri-food system. A wonderful compliment to Grow BC. Also available in French.
Click here to order
Click here to download

Scoops Booklet

Schools that are part of the BCSFVNP receive a hard copy of this booklet filled with the Scoops and Double Scoop Information Sheets. These grade level appropriate information and activity sheets for each food item were created to engage students in discussions on food, nutrition, and agriculture. Click here for more info about the BC School Fruit and Vegetable Nutritional Program.

Click on the image below, to download the Scoops Booklet