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Primary Resources

The following Unit and Lesson Plans, were created by BC educators using provincial ILOs and PLOs. Educators can use them to enhance their health, food and agriculture curricula.


Lessons and Activities

Plant Something Bee Friendly

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In this lesson students learn about some of the threats to bee populations, as well as ways in which they can help support bees through planting bee-friendly plants.  Suitable for Arts Education 1-5, English Language Arts 1-5, Science 2, 3 and 5 and Social Studies 1-3.


Teacher Unit Plans

Apples (Grade One, 37 pages) Click here to download

Come to the Farm (Grade One, 17 pages) Click here to download

Farm Animals (Kindergarten, 30 pages) Click here to download

From Eggs to Chicks (Primary Unit, 7 pages) Click here to download

Integrating Dance and Agriculture (K to Grade 7, 23 pages) Click here to download

Plants, Seeds and Soil (Grade 2, 44 pages) Click here to download

Vegetables, Farmers and You (Grade One, 44 pages) Click here to download

Wonderful Worms (Grades 2-3, 19 pages) Click here to download



Defining Agriculture "What is Agriculture?"

Fall Pumpkin Time

Snack Pack (K-7, 7 pages - list of fruit and vegetable related books, websites) Click here to download

Spring Thanks to Poliinators

Winter Christmas Trees


Additional Resource Packages and Activities

The following resource packages and educational materials were created by BC Government agencies and the BC Agricultural Sector for educators to enhance their health, food and agriculture curricula.

NEW! Pencil Patch School Garden Resource



"Alfalfabet is a rare mix of whimsy, interesting information and lively illustration to entice children to learn more about the plants and animals that are grown and raised for food. Teachers will find this beautiful book a very useful support for their farming units." -Phyllis Simon, Vancouver Kidsbooks, Dec. '09

$12.95 Softcover Click here to order

Click here to EARN a free copy of Alphalphabet for your classroom!

A "sneak peek" inside Alfalfabet!

Downloadable Teacher Resources to Complement Alfalfabet:

Fortune Teller

Click here for this school-childrens' game that shares fun facts about agriculture with students!

Close to Home Band - Jim Woodyard

Close to Home: A BC AITC Musical Adventure

You and your students can now enjoy songs in your classroom. Themes include healthy eating, taking care of the environment, shopping close to home, and sharing the harvest. Band tracks also available. Available in French as well!

Click here to order

CD Cover

All about food

All About Food: Exploring Canada's Food System (Grades K-12)

A full colour pictorial booklet that captures the interesting, surprising and useful facts about the Canadian agri-food system.  A wonderful compliment to Grow BC. Also available in French.

Click here to order

For the online resource Click Here

Scoops Booklet

Schools that are part of the BCSFVNP receive a hard copy of this booklet filled with the Scoops and Double Scoop Information Sheets. These grade level appropriate information and activity sheets for each food item were created to engage students in discussions on food, nutrition, and agriculture. Click here for more info about the BC School Fruit and Vegetable Nutritional Program.

Click on the image below, to download the Scoops Booklet