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The following videos were created by BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation in partnership with the BC Ministry of Agriculture and other agricultural partners. Educators can use these videos to enhance their health, food and agriculture curricula.


BC at the Table

Do you really know where your food comes from? Learn about BC's food system and how we produce, process, distribute, and acquire local food, following the story of produce, grains, dairy and salmon. Thousands of people across this province make their living in BC's food system, and in these videos, you're going to meet a few of them.

Presented by the BC Dairy Association

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Aquaculture in the Classroom

The videos below were submitted by students from Ballenas Secondary School in Parksville and Stelly’s Secondary School in Saanichton. The students were invited to the Aquaculture Canada 2015 Conference “Blue Revolution 2.0” where professionals explored the following dilemma; As consumption of farmed seafood surpasses that of captured wild seafood for the first time in global history, we look to feed a population that is estimated to exceed 9 billion people by 2050.

The conference took place at Vancouver Island University (VIU) Aquaculture Research Facility and The Vancouver Island Conference Centre. Students learned about recent advances in aquaculture science and practice and the significance of the Aquaculture Industry in British Columbia, and across Canada. They toured the Vancouver Island University Aquaculture Research Facility and learned about Finfish, Shellfish, Sturgeon, and Hydroponics led by instructors, fish farm technicians, managers and other professionals. They also participated in a careers in aquaculture session; connecting with researchers, industry leaders, and hands on fish farm specialists.  They were then asked to submit a video showing their learning. The videos below were the Top 3 submitted.


Feeding Frenzy...

This clip takes you on a fun, fast-paced trip throughout British Columbia to investigate how our food is produced. Follow Taheer, a curious young student, as he gets the goods on all the elements of production, distribution and marketing as they relate to agriculture. From planting to pricing, his hands-on aproach makes the economics of food production something that students can really sink their teeth into.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

What does your dinner have to do with politics, technology and science? Lots. Follow our host Ryan as he explores the hothouses and highways of agricultural production, distribution and marketing in BC. On the way, he delves into hot economic issues such as resource sustainability, branding, and international trade. Examining the economic cycle, we'll see how consumer choices have effects that reach far beyond the grocery store. Decisions you make about the food you buy will never be the same.

Rocco's and Jody's Misadventure

This video clip and teacher guide will help your students learn the four key messages of the FightBAC program-CLEAN, COOK, CHILL, and SEPARATE. Created by the students at Glenrosa Middle School in Westbank, BC this resource is a must for your Home Ec and Personal Planning classes. Download Teacher's Guide

The Sustainability Road Show

The word on the street is sustainability. Join your host Ryan as he travels around BC finding out what sustainability means and how sustainable practices are used in the production of our food. Ryan gets the real story from experts on agricultural choices such as organic farming and genetically modified organisms and discovers that everyone's actions have an impact on our resources.